Lipoprotein (a)


lp(a) is an independent risk factor of coronary artery disease.Lower lipoprotein (a) to normalize cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart disease. Clean arteries and promote collagen synthesis withlipoprotein (a) lowering nutritional formula. Learn here how I prevented heart disease.I was at high risk of heart disease. Two of my arteries had arterial plaque- >90 percent on right side and >80 percent on left side and my cholesterol levels were high.After angiography test I was immediately hospitalized and balloon angioplasty was performed on the right artery. On the left artery the blockage was at the junction and I was informed that I should undergo bypass surgery within a weeks time. I was not in favor of bypass. I decided to try alternative therapies like Panchkarma treatment method followed by Ayurvedic Physicians and herbal medicines.Being a research scientist myself, I surveyed the entire literature on alternative methods and discovered that there are certain ways that reduce your risk of heart disease and help you maintain your cholesterol levels to normal. It was a surprise for me to know that heart disease can be prevented.In here you will find loads of information on normalizing cholesterol levels and reducing your risk of heart disease. A special nutritional formula has also been developed and will soon be available to you. Continue reading below and soon you will be on your way to : 1 ) Reduce the risk of heart disease. 2 ) Normalize cholesterol levels.

What you will find here about normalizing cholesterol levels and reducing risk of heart disease?

1) Lp(a)-The Real Cause of Heart Disease –

Want to know what causes heart disease? Here you will find details on what really leads to arterial plaqueformation. You will learn that it is not high fats high cholesterol that that is causing the problem. The problem lies somewhere else. There are other emerging risk factors like lipoprotein (a) that are involved in increasing the risk of heart disease. Learn about what causes heart disease? Learn about Cause of heart disease>>

2) How To Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease. – Lowering lipoprotein (a) is the way to normalize your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Here you will learn how you can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other types of heart diseases.Lp(a) the real independent risk factor of heart disease being identified learn here how you can reduce the risk of heart disease 

3) What makes Lp(a) levels to rise in the blood stream. 
Here you will find that it is unhealthy diet that disturbs your bad cholesterol levels. Does eating cholesterol rich saturated fat make your diet unhealthy? Is it so? Many advise you this is healthy food for heart and this is unhealthy for your heart. Have they really told you the real meaning or definition of unhealthy dietWhat really constitutes unhealthy diet? Learn here about unhealthy diet………………

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