Stem cell Heart Therapy! New Hope For Heart Failure Patients!

After an heart attack there are chances that the heart muscles develop some scars called as scarred tissues. The scarred tissue is inert and does not contribute to the heart’s pumping function, resulting in more strain on the remaining healthy heart muscle that can lead to heart failure. Regrowing healthy muscle should reverse the process.

The clinical trials were carried out at Scripps Clinic. The trial was sponsored by San Diego -based Cytori Therapeutics. It’s too early to tell if there’s going to be any benefit, said Dr. Richard Schatz, the trial’s principal investigator at Scripps. Improvement may take about six months to show up.

How this treatment is carried out?

In this procedure, About half a cup of fat is taken from patients by liposuction, and then is processed in Cytori’s device, called Celution, retrieving what are called adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells. These are then injected into the damaged area of the patient’s heart with a special syringe. The patient is treated in one day, and discharged from the hospital the next day.






Who benefits from this stem cell therapy?

 The trial is being offered to heart failure patients who are “at the end of the line,” with no other options, Schatz said.

Other techniques under development?

There are other techniques which are under development for the benefit of heart failure patients.

The one described herein is just one method called as the autologous cell Athena trial. In addition to the autologous cell Athena trial, other trials are ongoing using cells pre-collected from other persons, processed and stored for use. These allogenic cells, if suitable, promise greater convenience, Schatz said.

Heart Treatment Options.

 Heart failure may result from a heart attack, which weakens the heart muscle by damaging it; by coronary artery disease, which also weakens the heart by reducing its blood supply, or other conditions. Treatment include coronary stents, various drugs, surgery, a partial mechanical heart called a left ventricular assist device, or LVAD; and in extreme cases when a donor is available, a heart transplant.


Nutritional Therapy is very useful for reversing and preventing heart disease.

This is a much simpler procedure to follow. We need to educate the people on the importance of nutrition and an alkaline diet plan to maintain optimum health.


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