Health Fitness vs Nutrition: How Nutrients Work

We rely on nutrition for our health, fitness and well-being. Good health require eating balanced diet which has all the nutrients like carbohydrates, oils & fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other micro nutrients be supplied to the body in adequate and balanced amounts.

Why do we need these nutrients?


Fittness & Nutrition
To be alive we need energy to provide our day to day activities. This is one reason we need nutrients. For this we should eat healthy diet.But There are several biochemical functions going on in our body for which nutrition is needed.Our body performs several functions and several complex biochemical processes are taking place in the body. At the same time several new tissues are generated every day. These macro- and micronutrients are vital for: 

  •                                                  Development and functioning;
  •                                                 Cell reproduction;
  •                                                 Growth and maintenance;
  •                                                 High energy and working efficiency;
  •                                                 Resistance to infection and disease;
  •                                                 Ability to repair bodily damage or injury.

From where do we get all these nutrients


We get all these nutrients from the food we eat. There are about 45 nutrients that our body needs. Everyone desires to be healthy. To fulfill your health and fitness related desire you need to provide all these nutrients to the body. It is not necessary that you should remember all these nutrients. All these nutrients are distributed in the food. Some food may lack the nutrients. For convenience the food are classified into different groups.
Carbohydrates, oils and fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables are the major groups of foods that provide us the nutrients to the body. Eating food from all the groups is recommended so that you are not deficient in nutrients. This is called as eating a balanced diet.

Health fitness & nutrition: Do we get all the nutrients from food?
The nutrients present in foods also depend upon where they are cultivated. For example the soil in America is deficient in Magnesium. So mostly Americans are deficient in magnesium which is very essential for our bones and also for maintaining blood pressure. They suffer from symptoms of magnesium deficiency.Another important nutrient is vitamin c. Its requirement for the body is high and sufficient amounts are not obtained through food, mostly fruits and vegetables, because of which immunity is lost and a person becomes susceptible to many diseases including chronic diseases. We generally do not eat plenty of fruits rich in vitamin c due to one reason or the other.
Another reason we become deficient in certain nutrients is due to eating processed foods. During processing several nutrients are lost. The global trend of eating fast foods is increasing and at the same time contributing to rise in chronic diseases.

What if I miss a few nutrients?  “No nutrient works alone”!
This is a very critical point one should know. A biochemist interested in nutrition knows that transformation reactions in the body essential for the production of energy require a number of enzymes working either together or in sequence. If a reaction needs three vitamins, one is not more important than the other; all are needed. If one is lacking, it becomes the important one therapeutically.[ No nutrient works alone.]

No Nutrient Works Alone
Nutrients work together as does an orchestra, to use Dr. Roger William’s way of putting it.
Like instruments playing in harmony, all the nutrients must be available in their optimum amounts. 

Optimum quantities may be different be different for each nutrient. Fortunately we have adopted to a variety of foods which provide nearly optimum nutritional quantities and which are not harmful.
They contain protein, fat, and carbohydrate combined with vitamins and minerals packed in complicated living structures-animal and plants used for human consumption.

Healht Fitness & Processed Foods

Processed food is designed to please the palate. The processed food manufacturers ignore the fundamental orchestra principle suggested by Williams.
processed foods provide discord in the metabolic harmony: a missing nutrient is like a fiddle with a broken string.
This is one of the major objections of processed foods.
According to World heart Federation the shift to unhealthy diet is increasing globally. These global dietary changes threaten health. The incidence of degenerative diseases is continuing to rise.

Health Fitness and Orthomolecular Nutrition

To arrest the incidence of degenerative diseases and to preventing the damaging effects, the practitioners of orthomolecular medicine have taken a very considerable departure from the route of conventional medicine.
According to a rapidly growing body of reports, orthomolecular nutrition is benefiting tens and thousands of –even millions-suffering from varied physical, mental and behavioral disturbances, including many unhelped by other methods. Orthomolecular medicines sole emphasis is on –Nutrition as Therapy.
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